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Normally this time of your we start thinking of getting the fireplace ready

for those cosy winter nights in


Then we blink, finding ourselves on the run-up to the Red Coat reading his list and checking it twice.
“Personally this year I’ve tried not to be naughty but nice”.




The lead-up to this wonderful time of year will end in


The recorded rates of chimney fires increase dramatically in September and continue through to the New Year.

Be Prepared

If the fire service is unable to place water up the chimney flue then they will put water down the chimney pot

Water damage from chimney fires can be costly, around £10,000 per home to costing on average over £500,000 for a thatched property.

Reducing water damage will reduce costs.


  1. Does not use water
  2. Can stop a chimney fire in just 22 seconds
  3. Simple and quick to operate, with a 5-year shelf life
  4. The only UK & European tested chimney fire extinguisher
  5. It has been stopping chimney fires in America for over 45 years

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As we all know, prevention is better than the core.
Before you start using your fireplace or stove this season I would recommend getting your chimney swept. This will help in the preventing a chimney fire.
But sweeping your chimney is not a guarantee you will not have a chimney fire.

All orders must be placed and paid for before midnight on the 31st August 2018 to receive your 20% discount.



Around 70 to 90 thatch homes will burn down this year in the UK.
The average cost of a thatch fire is in excess of


With 94% of all thatch fires starting from the chimney flue and surrounding fireplace, any help to protect your home from this devastating calamity can only be a good thing.
Did you know it takes on average just under 8 minutes for the Fire & Rescue Service to attend a property in the UK  but in rural areas, this time can extend dramatically?

By the time it takes for the Fire & Rescue Services to arrive the thatch may have ignited from sparks exiting the chimney flue turning the problem of a chimney fire into a catastrophe for you and your home. Look at how you can stop a chimney fire in seconds before the thatch ignites and becomes a devastating problem.

CALL 999 ask for the Fire Service
Once this is done, and

implementing ChimFireStop you could stop the sparks from the chimney fire exiting the chimney pot in seconds.



Is the only European tested Chimney Fire Extinguisher in the UK and across the EU.

It can quickly stop a chimney fire in an average time of just 22 seconds without using water. For testing, information click HERE

ChimFireStop can stop a chimney fire in just 22 seconds.

Through special and highly balanced ingredients in ChimFireStop, a chimney fire doesn’t stand a chance anymore. After activating, the ChimFireStop stick begins producing gasses and fumes which will take away one of the 3 sides of the combustion triangle, oxygen. With the lack of oxygen inside your chimney flue system, a chimney fire extinguishes in an average of just 22 seconds!

If you would like to buy or for more information on ChimFireStop click HERE

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Thinking of removing vermiculite from a chimney or building?

I’m just about to quote for the removal and replacing of an old 5″ liner backfilled with vermiculite and thought I would just do a bit of research on vermiculite, as we do.

Old Vermiculite Can Contain Asbestos.

This is old news from the 1990’s that could come back and bite us as up to 80% of the world’s vermiculite at one time was being supplied by just one mine and was shipped and used in the UK up until the 1990’s

I will be asking more questions before just quoting and removing from now on.

The information below was taken from the site

Asbestos contamination in Vermiculite

It should be stressed that not all vermiculite contains asbestos. Some products that were made with vermiculite contained asbestos up until the early 1990s. Vermiculite mines throughout the world are now regularly tested for asbestos and are supposed to sell products that contain no asbestos at all. The former vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana, did have tremolite asbestos as well as winchite asbestos and richterite asbestos.

Pure vermiculite does not contain asbestos and is not a toxic substance. Some vermiculite is impure and may contain, apart from asbestos, other contaminants that should have been screened out.

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is the geological name given to a group of hydrated laminar minerals which are aluminium-iron-magnesium silicates, resembling mica in appearance. Rock and other impurities are removed from the crude ore which is then crushed and sorted into sizes. Vermiculite is considered to be a safe inert material and is light in colour. When heated it expands, the technical term for this is exfoliation, up to 30 times its original volume. The exfoliation process converts the dense flakes of ore into lightweight porous granules containing innumerable minute air layers. Expanded vermiculite is light and clean to handle, has a high insulation value, acoustic-insulating properties and will absorb and hold a wide range of liquids.

Health risks in Vermiculite mining

The largest and oldest vermiculite mine in the United States was started in the 1920s, at Libby, Montana, and the vermiculite was sold under the commercial name Zonolite. The Zonolite brand and the mine was acquired by the W.R. Grace Company in 1963. Mining operations at the Libby site stopped in 1990 in response to asbestos contamination. While in operation, the Libby mine may have produced 80% of the worlds supply of vermiculite.

The United States government estimates that vermiculite was used in more than 35 million homes, but does not recommend its removal. Nevertheless, homes or structures containing vermiculite or vermiculite insulation dating from before the mid 1990s and especially those known to contain the “Zonolite” brand may contain asbestos, and therefore may be a health concern.

An article published in the Salt Lake Tribune on December 3, 2006, reported that vermiculite and Zonolite had been found to contain asbestos, which had led to cancers such as those found in asbestos related cases. The article stated that there had been a cover up by W.R. Grace Company and others regarding the health risks associated with vermiculite and that several sites in the Salt Lake Valley had been remediated by the Environmental Protection Agency when they were shown to be contaminated with asbestos. W.R. Grace Company has vigorously denied these charges.

The vermiculite deposit at the mine in Libby, Montana, was and still is, heavily contaminated with asbestos. Numerous people were knowingly exposed to the harmful dust of vermiculite that contained asbestos. Unfortunately, the mine had been operating since the 1920s, and environmental and industrial controls were virtually non existent until the mine was purchased by the W.R. Grace Company in 1963. Yet, knowing the human health risks, the mining company still continued to operate there until 1990. Consequently, many of the former miners and residents of Libby have been affected and continue to suffer health problems. Over 400 people in the town have died from asbestos related disease due to contamination from vermiculite mining from nearby Zonolite Mountain, where soil samples were found to be loaded with fibrous tremolite, which is known to be a very toxic form of asbestos, and countless others there who insulated their homes with Zonolite have succumbed to asbestos related diseases, most of whom never were employed in environments where asbestos was an issue.

After a 1999 Seattle Post Intelligencer story claimed that asbestos related disease was common in the town, the Environmental Protection Agency, in response to political pressure, made cleanup of the site a priority and called Libby the worst case of community wide exposure to a toxic substance in United States history. The Environmental Protection Agency has spent $120 million in Superfund money on cleanup. In October 2006, W.R. Grace Company tried to appeal the fines levied on them from the Environmental Protection Agency, but the Supreme Court rejected the appeal. The United States government is also pursuing criminal charges against several former executives and managers of the mine for allegedly disregarding and covering up health risks to employees. They are also accused of obstructing the governments cleanup efforts and wire fraud. To date, according to the indictment, approximately 1,200 residents of the Libby area have been identified as suffering from some kind of asbestos related abnormality. Jury selection was to have been completed in February 2009. The case ended in acquittals on May 8, 2009. On June 17, 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a public health emergency in and near Libby, thereby allowing federal agencies to provide funding for health care, and for removal of contaminated insulation from affected homes.

Health risks in Vermiculite mining partly from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Further Information

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First Chimney Fire in the UK and Europe to be stopped with ChimFireStop!

We’re so pleased that our product, ChimFireStop, came to the rescue when a chimney fire started last week. Read this testimonial from Ian Paterson of K & I Paterson Ltd – Paterson Stoves

If you would like to find out more about how ChimFireStop works, you can watch our video. To buy the product, click this link. To speak to a member of the team, please contact Paul Ross on 07534 345070, or

ChimFireStop – a Firefighter’s story

An Introduction to Safer and More Efficient Chimney Fire Call Outs!

With the fact that wood burning stoves and open fires are ‘in vogue’ chimney fires are on the rise. This ties up valuable resources that could be better used elsewhere. On average an appliance is in attendance and unavailable for other calls for over an hour when dealing with chimney fires. Then there’s the potential for the incident to escalate and an ALP being required to gain access to the chimney should it require capping! Plus, all the time the fire is burning, it may breakout into the property.

ChimFireStop works by;

  • Extinguishing a chimney fire in an average time of just 22 seconds without the need for water.
  • Quickly starving the chimney fire of oxygen which in turn leads to the cooling of the chimney flue temperatures by an average of 53% in just two minutes.
  • ChimFireStop covers the internal flue with zinc oxide helping to form a barrier against the products left within the chimney flue from reigniting.

ChimFireStop can keep crews safe and negates the risks of putting them on roofs. Further, there would be virtually no need for antiquated mallaca cane rods and nimbus ferrell heads that invariably damage the stainless steel flexible liners found with most wood burning and solid fuel stoves. This is because the canes are not flexible enough and the nimbus has the potential to push straight through the side of the flue liner.

ChimFireStop releases the crew in a fraction of the time compared to using existing methods.

This is written by a Firefighter with 22 years’ experience that is also a HETAS registered installer and a chimney sweep. He can see the problem of chimney fires from every angle.

“From trying to prevent chimney fires with regular sweeping and educating the user about what to burn. To extinguishing them whilst I am on duty. And finally getting calls from customers who have had a chimney fire and need me to make sure it is still safe to use. Taking my own personal experiences into account ChimFireStop would have been an invaluable tool to have on the appliance”.

Watch our videos to find out more about our products:

Introduction to ChimFireStop

Demonstration undertaken at the National Association of Chimney Sweeps Training Centre

For more information, please contact our Managing Director, Paul Ross on 020 3750 9020 or 07957 264254. Alternatively, send an email to:

Stopping a Chimney Fire in Just 22 Seconds!

Fire Safety

Our product ChimFireStop can stop chimney fires in an average of 22 seconds without water!

We recently reported that over the dates of 14th- 21st March 2018, there were 11 Chimney Fires in Devon & Somerset!

The average cost of the damage a chimney fire can cause is £10,000 per property and over £500,000 for a Thatch property.

Watch our video to find out how you can use ChimFireStop to protect your property.

Did you know that ChimFireStop was recently endorsed by the National Association of Chimney Sweeps as a Product of Safety, and won Best New Product of the Year 2018 by the Guild of Master Sweeps!

For more information, please contact our Managing Director, Paul Ross on 020 3750 9020 or 07957 264254. Alternatively, send an email to:

UBuyUdo At NACS Expo – 13/14 April 2018

We’re excited to announce that we will be appearing at the National Association of Chimney Sweeps Expo on 13th and 14th April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon.

The event was a great success in 2017 with loads of motivated buyers interested in learning more about the new products and services on offer.

We’ll be at the event showcasing our product ChimFireStop: a chimney fire extinguisher kit that can put out a fire in as little as 22 seconds without using water.  Please check out our product video here for details.

For more details on the Expo please check out the NACS UK website.

Awarded Best New Product Of The Year 2018 By the Guild of Master Sweeps

At the Guild Trade Show on the 3rd March, ChimFireStop was proud to accept this prestigious award from The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps

This following on from a great start to the year with

Endorsed, Approved and recommended Product of safety

By the National Association of Chimney Sweeps

“The NACS believes the product “ChimFireStop” is essential in helping to safeguard consumers in the event of a chimney fire”.

ChimFireStop has been stopping chimney fires in America for over 45 years. It does this in an average time of just 22 seconds without the use of water and therefore avoids all the damage associated with the application of water.

European tested and Now being sold in the UK and across Europe

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact PAUL ROSS at 020 3570 9020 or email at