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Here at uBuyuDo our lining kits go bigger.

You get much more than the normal lining kits from other suppliers and all with FREE DELIVERY within the UK

1. Our 6”/ 155mm Flexible flue liner has a 20 years’ manufacturer’s warranty, not just the 10 or 15 years most other suppliers offer.

2. A top of the range terracotta pot-hanging, bird guard.

3. Register Plate manufactured from 1.5mm thick grade galvanised steel – 813mm x 380mm – with a single access door. Our Inspection door is secured via captive nuts, so they remain easily removable. You can simply remove the cover ring on the register plate to increase the diameter from a 125mm 5” stove installation to a 150mm 6” installation simply and easily. No more need to cut round holes in sheet metal. (LARGER SIZES REGISTE PLATES CAN BE ORDERED ON REQUEST)

4. The great screw-in flue adapter. Believe me this will save you time, effort and a lot of bruised knuckles. This is normally the kit you would get from other suppliers but here at uBuyuDo we give you a lot more of the things you will need.

5. 1000mm of 125mm or 155mm mat black stove pipe – you can then cut back to fit as required.

6. Carbon monoxide alarm, used by 98% of UK Fire Brigades, with a new extended 10 year battery life.

7. Flue nosecone to help get round those stubborn corners.8. Data plate that needs to be fitted and completed to help you comply with building regulation.

9. 1k of fire cement

10. Stove pipe Thermometer