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Normally this time of your we start thinking of getting the fireplace ready

for those cosy winter nights in


Then we blink, finding ourselves on the run-up to the Red Coat reading his list and checking it twice.
“Personally this year I’ve tried not to be naughty but nice”.




The lead-up to this wonderful time of year will end in


The recorded rates of chimney fires increase dramatically in September and continue through to the New Year.

Be Prepared

If the fire service is unable to place water up the chimney flue then they will put water down the chimney pot

Water damage from chimney fires can be costly, around £10,000 per home to costing on average over £500,000 for a thatched property.

Reducing water damage will reduce costs.


  1. Does not use water
  2. Can stop a chimney fire in just 22 seconds
  3. Simple and quick to operate, with a 5-year shelf life
  4. The only UK & European tested chimney fire extinguisher
  5. It has been stopping chimney fires in America for over 45 years

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As we all know, prevention is better than the core.
Before you start using your fireplace or stove this season I would recommend getting your chimney swept. This will help in the preventing a chimney fire.
But sweeping your chimney is not a guarantee you will not have a chimney fire.

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