Why The Fire Services Need ChimFireStop

In December 2017 in the UK ChimFireStop was endorsed, recommended and recognised as a chimney fire safety product by The National Association of Chimney Sweeps.

ChimFireStop has been trusted in North America to help put out chimney fires for over 45 years where it is recognised by The Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Having worked for more than 20 years as a chimney sweep, I have often witnessed the consequences of chimney fires and the cost of these fires to the insurance world.

The Fire Service are all too aware of the devastating consequences of chimney fires and also, the cost of these fires to the insurance world. In England and Wales there are around 7,000 chimney fires a year, incurring an average of £10,000 per property in repairs.  With thatch properties the average cost to the property is estimated at £480,000 per property.

The traditional way to combat chimney fires is to use a water bucket and stirrup pump. This antiquated solution often results in numerous problems such as damage to brickwork, surrounding carpets, floors and interior decor as well as damage to the flue lining from thermal shock.

When traditional equipment fails to suppress the chimney fire, then the use of ladders for roof access or breaking into the flue within the property poses multiple health and safety risks for fire fighters.

Chimney Fire Extinguisher 

Our Chimney Fire Extinguisher, ‘ChimFireStop’ can put an end to these problems. It is a recognised and approved chimney fire extinguisher that:

  1. Stops a chimney fire in around 22 seconds without using water!
  2. Reduces hot chimney temperatures by an average of 53% in just two minutes!
  3. Does not course thermal shock to the chimney flue structure.
  4. Reduces the need for additional Tenders and man power.
  5. Minimizes health and safety associated risks.
  6. Dramatically reduces the costs and time it takes to control a chimney fire.
  7. Has been European tested and is now being sold in the UK and across Europe.

Fire Services across the country – this chimney fire extinguisher could become an essential part of your fire control procedure.

Myself and the team would love to conduct a live demo of the product to any Fire Service in the UK.

For further details, take a look at our videos.  For a discussion, please call our UK Distributor, Paul Ross on 020 3750 9020 or 07957 264254. Alternatively, send an email to: ubuyudo@gmail.com.  

Introduction to ChimFireStop

Demonstration undertaken at the Nation Association of Chimney Sweeps Training Centre.